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Pantone Standard Spray Painting Color
21 December, 2018
RAL-2005-Luminous Orange
RAL Standard Spray Prainting
21 December, 2018
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RAL Standard Paint Color

Standard colors. MUNSELL, PANTONE, RAL, DIC, JPMA Paint, NCS, HKS And other color guides

There are several types.
1. Water color is good for absorption. Fast drying
2. Oil color is suitable for shade applications. Slow drying
3. Epoxy paint is used for indoor applications. Because it is less resistant to sunlight.
4. PU (polyethylene) paint is used for outdoor applications. Because it is resistant to sunlight, it does not slip.

You can see color coding according to the standards below. If in doubt Please contact us before the company.

Example Colors Code


Watercolor and Oil Paint

  • 1 can (contain 4 quarts)

Paint Color (and other) is available in 1 set.

  • Color 4 quart
  • Hardener 1 quart

Delivery in 5-7 days

*1 year warranty from fall, squeal, pale.
*Warranty terms: Requires the right kind of work.

term of payment And shipping :
* When customers order. Please make a deposit of 50% of the total purchase amount by cash or check and pay the remaining 50% on the delivery date.
** Delivery 5-7 days after the company. Deposit has been paid.

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