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6 April, 2018
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6 April, 2018
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Munsell Soil Color Charts New Version

Suitable for color matching of soil. Or for scientists to use in research on agricultural produce, biologists, archaeologists, geologists, zoologists, etc.

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2009 Revised Edition!!

  • book size 20 x 15.5 cm.
  • color size 2 x 4 cm.
  • 440 colors (11 sheets)
  • there are 11 colors group : 10R, 10YR, 5Y, 2.5YR, 5Y,  5YR, 7.5YR, 10Y – 5GY, 5R, 7.5R Black, Gray 1&2, White Page
  • A color chart developed jointly between Munsell and USDA.
  • It is classified by color of soil, color of stone, archaeological specimen. And other natural colors such as hair color, skin color, and eye color.
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