HKS K 3000 plus
6 April, 2018
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6 April, 2018
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HKS N 3000 plus

Color guides are used in popular screen printing works in European countries such as Germany, England and France.

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 HKS N 3000 plus Printed on pound paper (uncoated)

  • HKS ® color standard of 88 colors, each color can be splite 5 sheets.
  • Display percentage gradient from 10% – 100%
  • Gradient color rendering based on black color mixture ratio of 10%, 30% and 50%
  • 3,520 colors.

Use as a sample color to view and compare colors, to see and compare colors in the job to pursue color percentages. Or use a shred to color samples to attach files. Or important documents

Suitable for design, screen printing and printing jobs that require a lot of color, work to contact the agency. Or other color-related companies, such as salespeople with graphics, graphics with production, owners of graphic companies, graphics companies with printers, printers with ink shops, graph companies. Photography, screen printing, and screen printing.

After sales service. and 1 year warranty

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